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This Demonstration will give you the same experiance a visitor would have when accessing the “Members Only” page(s)

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Many organizations wish to have content data which is not “Visible” to the public.  Depending on the criticality of the data various forms of “Firewalls” or “Barriers to Access” certain pages of a website is desirable.

For highly critical, sensitive data and content a complex USER selected and chosen “User Name and Password” dual elements stored in a searchable database is used.
(e.g.  Amazon etc.)  For non-critical information, but still information that is NOT DESIRED to be visible to the general public, the simple method demonstrated here is usually sufficient, simpler, and is nearly as secure.

This METHOD can protect 1 page or multiple pages or an entire Website

-  The webmaster sets up “Protected Pages” that require
   a user name and password for access.

-  The Organization provides the desired members the
   user name and password.  and tells them to not pass
   the two elements to unauthorized people.

-  The same username and password is used by all
   authorized members of the organization

During this DEMO you will use the following user name:   Demo   and password: Simpler
 to access the page content behind the Firewall.

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